Dock Ellis’ legendary LSD no-hitter
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The story behind one of my favourite-est sport films EVER, by NoMasTV on Youtube:

“In celebration of the greatest athletic achievement by a man on a psychedelic journey, No Mas and artist James Blagden proudly present the animated tale of Dock Ellis’ legendary LSD no-hitter. In the past few years we’ve heard all too much about performance enhancing drugs from greenies to tetrahydrogestrinone, and not enough about performance inhibiting drugs. If our evaluation of the records of athletes like Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Marion Jones, and Barry Bonds needs to be revised downwards with an asterisk, we submit that that Dock Ellis record deserves a giant exclamation point. Of the 263 no-hitters ever thrown in the Big Leagues, we can only guess how many were aided by steroids, but we can say without question that only one was ever thrown on acid.

Sadly, the great Dock Ellis died last December at 63. A year before, radio producers Donnell Alexander and Neille Ilel, had recorded an interview with Ellis in which the former Pirate right hander gave a moment by moment account of June 12, 1970, the day he no-hit the San Diego Padres. Alexander and Ilels original four minute piece appeared March 29, 2008 on NPRs Weekend America. When we stumbled across that piece this past June, Blagden and Isenberg were inspired to create a short animated film around the original audio.”


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Fighting transphobia in sport

“Never judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” Cyd Zeigler of blasts Fallon Fox’s critics after spending a weekend with the transgender MMA fighter – read it here.

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Hockey derby disco party

For the 2nd annual Edgy Hockey experiment, we invented a few new rules (players must pirouette on the whistle, hug the goalie when you score, etc) and finished off the night with a sweet roller-disco-skating party. There were hockey dykes, derby gals, a DJ, amazing dancers from Le Patin Libre crew and costumes galore.

I honestly woke up the morning after thinking I’d just dreamed the whole thing. But no, here’s video evidence:

Un match original et unique, dans lequel il est possible de modifier et de rajouter des règles, le tout en s’amusant avec notre incontournable sport national. A great night with players and skaters of many different ages, genders and levels!
Created by:
Thanks:, &
Video by: Ronja Mannov Olesen

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Hockey gets unruly in Montreal!

Last year I hosted the first annual “Edgy Hockey Challenge” as part of Edgy Women Festival in Montreal. It was an invitation for everyone (no matter skill level) to come out and mess with the rules of hockey. This year, we’ll again be hosting an unruly match, but the fun continues post-game with a special Hockey Disco Dance Party (complete with DJs, disco balls and costumes!). If you have any suggestions for new rules to incorporate into the game and ceremonies, send me an email or join the event on Facebook!

Unruly Hockey Déreglé(e): An EDGY Hockey Derby Disco Party

Thursday, March 7 @ Arena Mt-Royal (4365 rue Cartier)

Want to :
- watch? Bring your friends, in costume!
- play? Arrive at 10:30pm with a helmet & stick (mandatory) & your equipment!
- skate? Bring your skates!

Schedule :

10:30 p.m Sign-in (Players)
11 pm: The MATCH (Unruly game)
Midnight-12:30 SKATING PARTY (Everyone!)

** FREE **

Afterwards: Hot Chocolate or beer for everyone, location TBA.

More Info :

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Guy Lafleur’s hockey disco album…

Guy Lafleur produced a hockey-disco album — filled with great instruction on how to score!

Guy Lafleur – Album Disco by Discodandan


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